Want to live longer? Try corporate massage in Your workplace! Part II

Remedial massage therapy is one of the most ancient secrets to anti-aging. Introducing corporate massage in to the workplace can help to improve a myriad of health problems experienced by an alarming number of employees. Longer working days, hours of holding repetitive un-natural positions, and unconscious weight gain all contribute to accelerated ageing in today’s society. Read on to discover how introducing corporate massage in to your office in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth can improve productivity in your workplace.

Massage improves the immune system. The immune system is our body’s natural guard against the build up of bacteria, viruses and even tumor formation. Massage improves the lymphatic circulatory system, which filters blood better and decreases our risk of getting sick. Which means less sick days for your employees!

Massage improves muscle tension, a predisposition to joint pains, spasms and other aches. The modern day office environment requires us to sit at desks for hours on end, operating computers, phones etc. This accumulates to hours of forcing our bodies to hold unnatural, uncomfortable positions which results in muscle tension, spasms and joint pains. Corporate massage works to alleviate this tension, relaxing our joints, improving mobility and improving posture.

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