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What Makes a Good Massage Therapist?

Massage2Motivate understands the power of touch is a personalised experience, whether in a clinic, event massage, at home or corporate massage in the workplace.

A good therapist is fully trained and qualified.  Attention to hygiene and cleanliness is a critical aspect of their role. They also need to understand what pressure is required based on the physicality of the respective client. The therapist’s intention is to make their client feel better.  Caring for your client is expected.  All these points are at least the minimum requirements!

In addition to this, an Outstanding Therapist is also a brilliant communicator; building rapport & trust; has a genuine interest in their client’s wellbeing; understanding their clients’ needs.  This therapist comes from the heart, leaving their own personal issues, pre-conceived ideas and judgments at the door BEFORE interacting with their client.  Their focus is YOU, the client, caring for your health and wellbeing, absolutely, holistically!

So when you experience our power of touch, a gentle healing occurs, that cannot always be explained but is certainly appreciated.  It is a journey with an exceptional and uplifting experience provided by exceptional massage therapist.

Therapists from Massage2Motivate and staff are the heart and soul of our company. It’s their love of massage, their experience, attitude and qualifications that is our pulse!

Contact us to experience the Massage2Motivate difference.  Massage2Motivate insists that its therapists are fully qualified and insured for all our appointments of corporate massage, events massage & massage incentives in the workplace.

What’s been the best massage that you’ve received and why. If you’re a massage therapist what do you think makes an exceptional therapist?

Does Corporate Massage Work?

Massage in the Workplace?

Companies always look at ways to reward their staff.  Movie vouchers, wine, chocolate etc. A Gift of Massage in the workplace is a growing trend in the professional field.

Gifts received at the workplace in the work environment are the most effective!

When an employee watches a gifted movie in Gold Class, do they think; “Wow, I really appreciate my boss for gifting me these tickets?”  Unlikely!!

The underlying subconscious connection is not made to ‘loving their workplace’ when the gift is enjoyed outside work.

The other question is whether a gift of a bottle or wine or box of chocolates is sending the wrong message? If the gift received by the employee is enjoyed outside of work, does the employer also gain any benefit?  I think not.

So back to the initial question; “Does Massage in the workplace or Corporate Massage work”?  Absolutely!

It sends a message of caring for your staff, saying thank you from your employer, it shows the employer is considering the health of its staff, which can surely only be a good thing!

Mobile Massage or seated massage can be as short as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes and our clients rave about the experience. The atmosphere once our therapists visit becomes positive and energetic. Most clients after experiencing our unique service want to book in regular sessions, be it weekly or monthly so they must notice a real difference with their staff.

So the answer to the initial question is a resounding yes from us and all our satisfied clients!

If you haven’t tried massage in the workplace or you haven’t experienced the Massage2Motivate difference then give us a call.


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