Improve Your Life Today – Home Massage Awkward Questions

Have you ever contacted a provider by telephone to arrange a home massage? Seems pretty straightforward really, you’d ask “I’d like to arrange a home massage”.

Am I right in thinking that if you’re male and you want a massage with a professionally qualified and insured therapist you would be flexible in whether the therapist is male or female?

Does it seem odd when a male potential client inquiring about a home massage insists that the therapist is a good looking female therapist? What is the best way to counter that inquiry without upsetting the potential client?

That potential client can also be a female requesting a male only therapist.

Is it OK to be blunt and say we provide professional “non-sexual” massages, I presume you are seeking a professional non-sexual massage?

At this point the potential client either puts the phone down, there is silence on the phone or they say they called the wrong number!

If you have different way of dealing with this type of query please let me know!

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