Improve Your Life Today – Book a Home Massage

How often do we take our health for granted? Eating too much of the wrong type of food, especially takeaway or pouring that extra glass of wine. The cost of takeaway food for you and your partner can easily total $30-$40, depending on the restaurant. How often do you eat out or order takeaway food?

Recently Choice Magazine annouced that on average Australians eat takeaway food 2½ times a week and 42% of Australians eat out at a restaurant 3 times a week.

That means the average Aussie could be spending between $75 & $100 per week on takeaway food.

You could have a home massage every week for the same price or alternate with your partner, and that’s much better for your Health than takeaway food.

As we age and tend to do less exercise eating the right type of food are important and so is massage.

Why not give takeaways a break this week and instead book a home massage for yourself or your partner.

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