Improve Your Life Today –and a loved one with Aged Care Massage

I love having a massage, just a gentle relaxing feeling. It’s easy for me to get onto a table and enjoy the experience. What about someone who’s elderly?

What’s more common is for a massage therapist to visit the aged care facility and book appointments with residents.

What about the elderly person that remains in their home and doesn’t feel they need to move into an Aged Care Home, are they expected to visit a clinic to receive a massage?

A number of years ago the government brought in the now renamed “Home Packages” scheme. This was to help provide services to the elderly in their homes. Services include; house cleaning, gardening, occupational therapy etc.

What’s also available under the home packages scheme is “massage” for the elderly in their homes.

Our elderly clients love the experience of receiving a massage. They love a chat with the therapist and the importance of touch as we age is paramount.

I suggest Aged Care Massage to every family caring for the elderly parents or grandparents, the weekly or fortnightly sessions uplift them and it’s such a positive experience.

Massage2Motivate excels in providing Corporate & Event Massage across Australia, together with Aged Care Massage and Home Visits. Talk to us about your requirements to uplift, refresh and re-charge you, your staff or event attendees.