Improve Your Life Today – Aged Care Massage

Aged Care Massage is pretty common in aged care Facilities. A room is set aside in the complex and appointments are booked in for the duration of the therapist’s time on-site. What is less common are arrangements through Home Care Packages. There are so many elderly people living in their homes who are not aware of the services that can be provided and funded under the Federal Governments Home Care Packages Scheme.

Previously Providers would dictate how an Elderly person’s annual allowance would be used. Now an assessment by member of an Aged Care Assessment Team is required before you can access to a package.

Once the elderly person has been granted a package they can decide what services they would like to receive. This can include Aged Care Massage, Personal Services, i.e. assistance with showering, or bathing, assistance with ironing, house cleaning or gardening. The list of services available is extensive.

Have a chat with your elderly loved one or arrange an assessment via the link below with one of the approved providers:

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