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How Does Corporate Massage Work? Part III

Once we’ve organised your special day, here’s what you can expect. Your friendly, qualified and insured massage therapist will arrive punctually to the office ready to treat your staff as per your requirements. If equipment is brought along, it will be promptly set up in a quiet place along with aromatherapy and music, where each staff member can then take their turn engaging in a session of blissful relaxation. For a “roaming” desk massage, the therapist will approach each staff individually and ask them if they would like a massage before proceeding.

Corporate massage is so easy and convenient to set up for your company. It doesn’t matter if you have never organised a corporate massage session before or have no idea of what you’re after. Feel free to call us or drop a line on our website enquiry form! We’d love to have a chat to discuss some options for you and assist in improving staff health & wellbeing.

How Does Corporate Massage Work? Part II

Following from our previous post on the styles of corporate massage, today we’ll introduce the types of corporate massage sessions that your company can look into.

Corporate massage is all about offering comfort, convenience and choice to you. You can choose to offer a quick 5 or 10 minute neck and shoulder rub for staff at their workstations. If time permits, you can also consider longer massage options up to 30 minutes to transport your staff to a relaxing, tranquil place, so they can be really refreshed and energised.
Massage 2 Motivate

Corporate massage is great as a one-off reward or an inclusion in a corporate event. Your staff can also reap longer-term benefits with regular massage sessions, whether they are weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. With regular corporate massage, you will notice an improvement in staff morale and general wellbeing. Staff will be excited to be at the office and rewarded for their hard work!

How Does Corporate Massage Work? Part I

Corporate massage at the workplace is a fantastic way to motivate and reinvigorate staff. Occasionally, we get asked about how this wonderful health initiative works, so in the next few posts, we’ll take the opportunity to explain the nitty-gritty of the corporate massage options you can offer to your company.

1) Corporate Seated Massage
With this type of massage, we have the massage therapist bring in a professional portable massage chair into a quiet space in your office where they can work their magic for your staff.

2) Corporate Desk Massage
For some offices, having the massage therapist “roaming” from desk to desk may be more suitable for busy companies where staff don’t have much opportunity to leave their workstations.

3) Corporate Table Massage
If your company is keen on truly treating and rewarding staff, a longer table massage could be ideal. This can take place with or without oils in a separate room, where the therapist can assist with alleviating all the aches and pains from a heavy work day!

Improve Your Life Today – Massage at Events

As we approach the summer season there are so many events to attend. What’s your favourite event?

If you’re into fitness there are so many fun runs or events that revolve around different sports, such as Beach Volleyball or surfing competitions.

During the summer holidays make sure you have the opportunity to get out and about and experience as many different things as possible, some are even free!

I recall a couple of years ago attending MSAC and a Trapeze was set up, wow what an experience to swing from side to side and hand upside down then being caught by a trapeze artist swinging in the opposite direction.

Another enjoyable experience was attending the Moonlight Cinema, about seven years ago we were approached to organise event massage for attendees at the Moonlight Cinema and it was such a fantastic experience for all!

As this is the last blog post for the year have a safe an enjoyable Christmas break, have fun and “Improve your Life’s experiences”

Improve Your Life Today –and a loved one with Aged Care Massage

I love having a massage, just a gentle relaxing feeling. It’s easy for me to get onto a table and enjoy the experience. What about someone who’s elderly?

What’s more common is for a massage therapist to visit the aged care facility and book appointments with residents.

What about the elderly person that remains in their home and doesn’t feel they need to move into an Aged Care Home, are they expected to visit a clinic to receive a massage?

A number of years ago the government brought in the now renamed “Home Packages” scheme. This was to help provide services to the elderly in their homes. Services include; house cleaning, gardening, occupational therapy etc.

What’s also available under the home packages scheme is “massage” for the elderly in their homes.

Our elderly clients love the experience of receiving a massage. They love a chat with the therapist and the importance of touch as we age is paramount.

I suggest Aged Care Massage to every family caring for the elderly parents or grandparents, the weekly or fortnightly sessions uplift them and it’s such a positive experience.

Massage2Motivate excels in providing Corporate & Event Massage across Australia, together with Aged Care Massage and Home Visits. Talk to us about your requirements to uplift, refresh and re-charge you, your staff or event attendees.

Want to live longer? Try corporate massage in Your workplace! Part II

Remedial massage therapy is one of the most ancient secrets to anti-aging. Introducing corporate massage in to the workplace can help to improve a myriad of health problems experienced by an alarming number of employees. Longer working days, hours of holding repetitive un-natural positions, and unconscious weight gain all contribute to accelerated ageing in today’s society. Read on to discover how introducing corporate massage in to your office in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth can improve productivity in your workplace.

Massage improves the immune system. The immune system is our body’s natural guard against the build up of bacteria, viruses and even tumor formation. Massage improves the lymphatic circulatory system, which filters blood better and decreases our risk of getting sick. Which means less sick days for your employees!

Massage improves muscle tension, a predisposition to joint pains, spasms and other aches. The modern day office environment requires us to sit at desks for hours on end, operating computers, phones etc. This accumulates to hours of forcing our bodies to hold unnatural, uncomfortable positions which results in muscle tension, spasms and joint pains. Corporate massage works to alleviate this tension, relaxing our joints, improving mobility and improving posture.

Why not try it out?

That’s all for now.

Want to live longer? Try corporate massage in the workplace! Part I

Remedial massage therapy is one of the most ancient secrets to anti-ageing. Introducing corporate massage in to the workplace can help to improve a myriad of health problems experienced by an alarming number of employees. Longer working days, hours of holding repetitive un-natural positions, and unconscious weight gain all contribute to accelerated ageing in today’s society. Read on to discover how introducing corporate massage in to your office in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth can improve productivity in your workplace.

Massage decreases stress. Stress is a serious cause of premature ageing in today’s modern society. Chronic stress causes an increase in cortisol and insulin levels, resulting in our bodies tensing up, our heart rates soaring and higher blood pressure causes our organs to work harder. Remedial massage helps to alleviate stress by lowering cortisol and insulin levels.

Massage improves circulation. Our cardiovascular system helps to circulate blood and distribute oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in our body. Improved circulation, in a sense, cleans our bodies of waste via the lymphatic system. This process is made more effective by incorporating regular massage in to our busy schedules.

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Want to detoxify your body? Try out corporate massage in your workplace!

Corporate Massage has become one of the most sought after, and effective forms of mainstream natural therapy in the 21st Century. Employers in are quickly becoming aware of the positive benefits corporate massage can have on their workforce.

Corporate massage can increase productivity; achieved through relaxation of the muscles, in turn calming and de-stressing the body, and increasing focus. Moreover, staff feel valued and appreciated, increasing morale as employers are seen to be showing an interest in staff well-being.

These are big claims, and there is science to back it up. Corporate massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn improves blood and nerve supply. This process is cleansing for the immune system and actually removes toxins from the body. When the organs of the body are overloaded with toxins, the toxins are stored in muscle, fat and skin. So, a simple massage can start to detoxify the body. Want to detoxify your workplace? Try out corporate massage with Massage2Motivate!

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Corporate Massage Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

4. How often should we have a massage?

Corporate Massage is safe to have every day, but ideally we recommend fortnightly or monthly massages.
Regular office massage is more beneficial than just every now and then. Firstly, your employees will look forward to each visit, rewarding them for their hard work, creating goodwill and a positive office environment. Massage is a great way to demonstrate how much you value the health and well-being of your staff.  It shows you care about their welfare.

Corporate Massage has been proven to reduce stress and tension, especially when done regularly. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to breathe properly. Slowing your breath has an immediate and direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is your fight or flight response, your stress response to events.

This increases cortisol and adrenaline production in the body. If this is not balanced with a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, which is like putting the brakes on, your body will continue to remain in a stressed state effecting muscles, the immune system, and digestive system to name just a few.

Often massage will highlight areas of the body under stress, which you may not have known were affected. Corporate Massage improves circulation, nerve supply and increase removal of lactic acid from the muscles, having a detoxing effect on the whole body.

When you sit down to have your massage, we will remind you how to stop and take a few deep breaths, focus on yourself and how you are feeling  for a few minutes, rather than your workload. Being present in the moment and letting the chatter of the mind subside for even 5 minutes is so powerful and will help you regain your clarity. Of course you will be more productive for  the rest of the day.

Meditation for as little as twenty minutes has been proven to be equivalent to many hours of sleep. A twenty minute powernap can nourish, de-stress and rejuvenate the body without affecting the body’s sleep rhythms.

Our massage therapists know the benefit of even a 5 minute massage and daily see the positive reactions from people working in a variety of offices throughout  Australia.

Everyone in the office has their share of challenges and stresses throughout their working day, from the receptionist to the Sales Rep to the General Manager.

5. We work in a busy call centre and don’t have time to leave our desks.

Working in a call centre can be a stressful environment for employees, it is often a 24 hour call centre, noisy with voices and phones ringing constantly. Our roaming massage is ideal for the call centre environment. Our therapists quietly do the massage at their desk, so all the employee will have to do is remove their headphones and remain seated in their chair. We recommend 5-10 minute massages for this environment as it can usually be fitted in to a short off time for the phones. This actually increases productivity and creates a positive higher energy workplace. Watch the faces of your employees brighten and smile after a massage, our clients report to us how much better customer service is on the massage days.

They report when the employee is more relaxed they are actually more effective on the phones than if they were tired and stressed, meaning quicker resolution of problems, higher productivity and more friendly happy staff!

Who would you rather speak to on the phone? Someone tired,  who needs a coffee to keep them awake or someone who feels valued by their employer and feels refreshed and invigorated after receiving a neck and shoulder massage at their desk?

6. I want to reward my staff and make the massage a really special occasion for them each month.

We tailor the massage to suit the needs of your staff, your budget and time constraints.

Some clients have seated massage in a separate room each fortnight, some have table massage with oil for 30 minutes each. We provide very experienced, qualified therapists who can easily adapt the type of massage to suit the space and needs of your staff.

Corporate Massage Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

1. Our office is pretty noisy and cramped, where would you do the massage?

Board rooms or meeting rooms are usually the best places as the doors can be closed to block out any office noise. We create a calm, inviting space with essential oils and soft relaxing music. Your employees will be more likely to relax in a private setting, away from distractions, than if the massage was at their desk.  If you don’t have a board room, partitions can be used to create a room in a quieter area of the office space or in the lunch room.

2. How long does the massage go for?

Our therapists are very experienced in providing seated massages and can do massages from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Ideally, we recommend 10-15 minute seated massages as this allows enough time to relax and work on areas of the body which have more tension.

We focus on the areas of the body which people working at a desk experience the most tension or pain; the neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and hands.

We tailor a corporate massage to suit your office environment, your time constraints, and the number of employees you have.

3. What type of chair do you use?

Our therapists have professional quality massage chairs and tables which they bring with them.

The massage chair is lower than an office chair and allows the client to lean forward and relax into the chair. Even sitting in the chair is relaxing and allows the therapist access to the spine to work on tight muscles.