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Improve your Life Today – Arrange a Home Massage

How great does it feel when your partner lets you know that he or she has arranged a massage for you, but I your own home. No need to drive to a clinic, simply kick back in your own surrounds and wait for that knock on door that signals bliss!

I love the fact that after a home massage I can just relax in my home without having to drive home, or I can have a lovely long shower. On some occasions my husband just leaves me sleep after a relaxing home massage. It’s such a special gift for friends and family and home massage is becoming more and more acceptable.

Our home massage therapist organises aromatherapy and I simply use my iPad to play the music of my choice.

If you’ve never experienced a home massage I would strongly recommending giving it a go, once you’ve had one you’ll keep coming back!

Massage. Massage2Motivate excels in providing Corporate & Event Massage across Australia, together with Aged Care Massage and At Home Massage. Talk to us about your requirements to uplift, refresh and re-charge you, your staff or event attendees.

Benefits of Regular Remedial Home Massage

Week 2 – Improve Your Life Today – Book a Home Visit with Massage2Motivate! (Part II)

Most people think of massage as an indulgence or a treat, when in fact, engaging in regular remedial massage has many health benefits that may come as a surprise! Over the next few weeks we will explore some of the numerous reasons why you should give remedial massage priority in your life:

Studies have proven the human touch reduces anxiety and depression

Massage provides a safe and professional environment for the human touch to help reduce symptoms of those suffering from high levels of anxiety and in some cases, depression.

Two major studies have been conducted in to the benefits of regular massage, and their results speak for themselves. A study published in the 2005 issue of the International Journal of Neuroscience researched women diagnosed with breast cancer. They found that those patients who received massage therapy three times a week reported being less depressed and angry. A recent study in to hospitalized child and adolescent behaviour revealed patients given a daily 30 minute back massage for a 5 day period were happier, more relaxed and their stress levels were dramatically reduced.

Contact Massage2Motivate today to inquire about our home visit massage service, where we can arrange for a massage therapist to massage you in the comfort of your own home. Massage2Motivate only engage therapists who are fully qualified, insured and hold a current massage body association membership. In this way, we can guarantee you the best results out of your massage.  Tel: 1300 733 109

Benefits of Regular Home Massage

Week 1 – Improve Your Life Today – Book a Home Visit with Massage2Motivate! (Part I)

Most people think of massage as an indulgence or a treat, when in fact, engaging in regular massage has many health benefits that may come as a surprise! Over the next few weeks we will explore some of the numerous reasons why you should give massage priority in your life:

Helps to re-align the body

Many office workers are familiar with the back, neck and shoulder pain that comes from sitting at their desk for hours at a time. Most do not realise this pain comes from postural stress placed on the spine from repetitive movement and prolonged periods of sitting. Engaging in regular massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting, which means you can cut back on the Nurofen and regain your focus; ultimately performing better at work.

Contact Massage2Motivate today to inquire about our home visit massage service, where we can arrange for a massage therapist to massage you in the comfort of your own home. Massage2Motivate only engage therapists who are fully qualified, insured and hold a current massage body association membership. In this way, we can guarantee you the best results out of your massage. Tel 1300 733 1091300 733 109

Reviewing your Corporate Health Initiatives

As the start of 2012 becomes a distant memory it’s time to think about planning Workplace Health Initiatives.

Many organisations simply repeat what they have or have not been doing in previous years. Perhaps they tried Pilates or Corporate Massage a few years ago but that was then.

Isn’t there a new health & wellness fad that the HR department can implement?

What does your company do? Am I being unfair in my description of how some organisations operate?

I would love to hear your thoughts & comments.

We at Massage2Motivate in 2012 will continue providing exceptional Corporate Massage Services. As our regular clients grow we invite you to consider booking a regular seated massage for your staff each month or fortnight.

Your staff will love it and it’s so easy to organise, whether you have 10 or 1000 staff we have the capability to ensure the experience will be unforgettable and fun.

In case it’s been a while we can organise 5-20 minute office massages either in a separate room or at your workstation and it’s so reasonably priced.

Just remember all our mobile massage therapists are fully qualified and insured.

We look forward to uplifting your staff in 2012.

Happy New Year from all the staff at Massage2Motivate.

Lets Get Physical!

Massage For The Blue Collar Worker

Massage2Motivate makes a positive impact by providing their exceptional corporate massage service to office workers; but is it only white collar staff that feel & experience the Massage2Motivate difference?

Workers carrying out physically intensive jobs may be overlooked or forgotten.

It’s easier just to focus on office staff. Some think that massage won’t work for those who don’t work in an office.  The truth is, blue collar workers need massage in the workplace more than ever!

It’s for this reason that Massage2Motivate have an established a division that tailors a program for blue collar workers. Our therapists focus on assisting your staff with injury prevention, work related injuries, getting back into the workplace, strains and pain relief!

If your staff are lifting or twisting on a regular basis and workplace absences or injuries are a concern, then call Massage2Motivate.  Find out how we’ll help you reduce pain & injury in the workplace. This will improve your staff productivity and reduce costs.

You think blue collar workers don’t like or want a massage?  You have got to be kidding!  Why not arrange a massage session, if they don’t want us back then the sessions free!  PROMISE

Try Massage2Motivate, give us a call to arrange a free consultation and experience the difference,  your staff will love it!

Work Life Balance

The Best Way to reward Senior Executives

Executive salaries and their total remuneration packages including bonuses are common headlines in the press.

So what is the best way to reward and provide work life balance for Executives? It is clear to most; many Senior Executives have highly stressed and pressured roles. Travelling overseas or interstate may initially sound fun & exciting but for those with families especially, there is a huge cost due to constant separation from their partner and family. This is especially relevant if executives are travelling for extended periods or work requirements lead to long hours toiling at the office.

Massage2Motivate launched an initiative earlier this year that delivers Work Life Balance to Support the Senior Executive.

The Platinum Partnership is a unique healthy initiative that provides real benefits for the Senior Executive’s spouse and family; sometimes the forgotten support that is essential for every successful Executive!

The Platinum Partnership rewards and recognises the Executive’s spouse for the important role that they play.

Most organisations understand that keeping great staff is the key to every successful business. Simply increasing an Executive’s salary can be a short term solution.

Forward thinking companies have embraced the Platinum Partnership!  It differentiates their culture to ensure that their Executive’s achieve Work Life Balance through the health initiatives (not just massage) that each spouse receives.

In essence the Platinum Partnership is a unique Corporate Initiative that creates outstanding performance in the workplace and harmony in the home!

Have we caught your attention about this unique initiative??  Give us a call!

Mobile massage Sydney

Mobile Massage Sydney

Looking for ways to de-stress in the comfort of your home or office? Massage2Motivate offers world-class massage services to all locations across Sydney. Tried and tested by countless companies and families around Sydney, Massage2Motivate remains to be Australia’s leading provider of mobile massage services.

Our therapeutic massages are known to boost moods, increase productivity, and even reduce absenteeism at work!

To ensure maximum relaxation and enjoyment, we will bring our team of highly-trained and insured massage therapists straight to your location for your convenience. Massage2Motivate’s mobile massage services are great for home massages, event massages, group office massages, and massages for the aged.

All mobile massage services are performed oil-free and fully-clothed. Our massage therapy services are available in varying lengths to suit your needs. Learn more about our massage services by calling us now on 1300 733 109! Our friendly team is eager to help you plan your special day.

Is price the most important consideration?

Is the cheapest price the best option?

We all love a bargain, and no one wants to get ripped off, right?  Many of us have gone for the “best price” and later, really paid for it!

Have you ever chosen the cheapest product or service? I have and I’ve lived to regret it. A number of years ago I purchased the bargain of the century – a flute for my daughter.   I was very pleased with myself; great brand, it was 40% off retail value.  What a bargain, I was chuffed at my clever research.

The fact that the seller took ages to respond; didn’t present all the facts didn’t make a difference; I was blinded by the ‘great price’!! The result?  It’s collecting dust and I purchased another one that actually works!

So what do they say; if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

So how does this relate to massage in the workplace?

Well, now and again a new client will call us and the first they ask is “how much do you charge”, or “I just want to know the prices.”  Don’t get me wrong, price is a very real and important consideration but should it be the first and sometimes only consideration?

At Massage2Motivate we’re not the cheapest provider of massage; however we consistently exceed our clients expectations, and they always want us back! Regardless if the massages are fortnightly, monthly or a yearly event!  We are not forgotten, and it is for GOOD REASON!!

If you organise massages in the workplace or event massages what do you want to achieve?  Do you want to say at the end of the session, they were OK?  That was a bargain? We saved $50 or $100!

The feedback we get sounds a little like this:  “they were the best massages we’ve had”, “what a great experience” , “the office was just buzzing with energy”, and the classic, “we should have come to you in the first place!”

You will find that when you deal with our team at Massage2Motivate we are responsive, friendly and we are passionate about providing exceptional service. Our therapists are enthusiastic, well qualified and I promise you your staff will love the experience!

We might not be the cheapest provider but you will really notice the difference when you deal with Massage2Motivate.  In fact, you will want to tell your friends as so many others do!

Give us a call; we’d love to hear from you

Is every Company that provides Corporate Massage Services in the Workplace the Same?

Have you ever called a company only for the telephone to ring and ring …….or for the call to be transferred to an answer phone?…. or worse the automated attendant,

“… Press 1 for Sales Press 2 for accounts…..3….4….5….Press 15 to speak to someone etc…”

I don’t know about you but what ever happened to making a call and speaking to a human being?

It’s easy for businesses to lose focus on Customer Service and just focus on cost cutting to increase their profit margin!

If a company chooses recorded messages instead of answering your call, then what other areas are they trying to skimp on?

Do these people really want to understand their clients’ needs, to then meet them?  Perhaps not.

I think it’s extremely important that when you call a company you speak to someone straightaway. I feel it’s critical that an organisation is responsive to their prospective clients;

No one wants to wait days before seeing information; before receiving the details required allowing you to make a decision to go ahead.

So what about massage in the workplace is there a difference between one company and the next?

I think it comes down to a number of important points. Firstly is attention to detail, secondly is treating every client as unique and thirdly is having a 100% money back guarantee that you stand behind because you are confident of your superior service.

If you have never experienced massage in the workplace before or you haven’t experienced the Massage2Motivate difference then perhaps it’s worth giving us a call; it will be an experience to remember!

Most importantly, Have Fun!

What Makes a Good Massage Therapist?

Massage2Motivate understands the power of touch is a personalised experience, whether in a clinic, event massage, at home or corporate massage in the workplace.

A good therapist is fully trained and qualified.  Attention to hygiene and cleanliness is a critical aspect of their role. They also need to understand what pressure is required based on the physicality of the respective client. The therapist’s intention is to make their client feel better.  Caring for your client is expected.  All these points are at least the minimum requirements!

In addition to this, an Outstanding Therapist is also a brilliant communicator; building rapport & trust; has a genuine interest in their client’s wellbeing; understanding their clients’ needs.  This therapist comes from the heart, leaving their own personal issues, pre-conceived ideas and judgments at the door BEFORE interacting with their client.  Their focus is YOU, the client, caring for your health and wellbeing, absolutely, holistically!

So when you experience our power of touch, a gentle healing occurs, that cannot always be explained but is certainly appreciated.  It is a journey with an exceptional and uplifting experience provided by exceptional massage therapist.

Therapists from Massage2Motivate and staff are the heart and soul of our company. It’s their love of massage, their experience, attitude and qualifications that is our pulse!

Contact us to experience the Massage2Motivate difference.  Massage2Motivate insists that its therapists are fully qualified and insured for all our appointments of corporate massage, events massage & massage incentives in the workplace.

What’s been the best massage that you’ve received and why. If you’re a massage therapist what do you think makes an exceptional therapist?