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How Does Corporate Massage Work? Part 2

8 January 2019

Following from our previous post on the styles of corporate massage, today we’ll introduce the types of corporate massage sessions that your company can consider.
Corporate massage is all about offering comfort, convenience and choice to you. You can choose to offer a quick 5- or 10-minute neck and shoulder rub for staff at their workstations. If time permits, you can also consider longer massage options of up to 30 minutes to transport your staff to a relaxing, tranquil place, so they can be really refreshed and energised.

Corporate massage is great as a one-off reward or an inclusion in a corporate event. Your staff can also reap longer term benefits with regular massage sessions, whether they are weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. With regular corporate massage, you will notice an improvement in staff morale and general wellbeing. Staff will be excited to be at the office and rewarded for their hard work!

Female massage therapist doing massage in the office.

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