How Does Corporate Massage Work? Part 1

18 December 2018

Corporate massage in the workplace is a fantastic way to motivate and reinvigorate staff. Occasionally, we are asked about how this wonderful health initiative works, so in the next few posts we’ll take the opportunity to explain the nitty-gritty of the corporate massage options you can offer to your company.

1. Corporate Seated Massage

With this type of massage, the massage therapist brings a professional portable massage chair into a quiet space in your office where he/she can work his/her magic for your staff.

2. Corporate Desk Massage

For some offices, having the massage therapist ‘roaming’ from desk to desk may be more suitable where staff don’t have much opportunity to leave their workstations.

3. Corporate Table Massage

If your company is keen on truly treating and rewarding staff, a longer, table massage could be ideal. This can take place with or without oils in a separate room, where the therapist can assist with alleviating all the aches and pains from a heavy work day!


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